Emergency measures for troubled skin


Even the most meticulously maintained skin runs into problems now and then: problems brought on by seasonal changes in the weather, stress – both the internal and external sort – abusive environmental conditions such as pollution, and ones own lifestyle: smoking, fatigue and dietary deficiencies. Lack of sleep is a prime culprit as it prevents your body from secreting natural antioxidants and eliminating harmful toxins.

Visible signs of trouble include skin eruptions, irritation and redness, uneven skin tone, dryness and sensitivity and – most commonly – a dull, lackluster complexion. What your skin needs to counteract these conditions – in addition to a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise – is hefty doses of natural substances known to solve specific problems. Serums have emerged in recent years to supplement moisturizing face creams and alleviate a wide range of symptoms associated with aging skin.

Skin Concept, a Swiss “think tank” devoted to ground-breaking skincare innovation, goes one step further in its range of SWISSCODE pure precisely targeted concentrates. These potent extracts, formulated with the highest recommended concentrations of active ingredients, are single-minded in their mission: to not only come to the aid of troubled skin but to foster your complexion’s long-term well-being.


At the top of the list of SWISSCODE pure “quick fix” concentrates is Repair ComplexTM, based on bifidus extract, which goes to work to counteract sun damage, calm weather- and stress-induced inflammation and redness or an occasional outbreak of acne or pimples and reinstate that health glow. It’s the sort of beauty aid you should never be without!

Another SWISSCODE pure concentrate that prides itself on quick action is DynaliftTM HYA, a skin-reviving gel that immediately – in five minutes flat! – “lifts” the skin, improves overall firmness and removes signs of fatigue, such as under-eye puffiness and dark circles. No wonder that is it known as an “instant beautifier”. MPCTM is called “the skin renewer” because its action is structural and swift, with visible results obtained within a matter of days. Natural cytokines, obtained from milk, stimulate the renewal and strengthening of connective tissue, improving the skin’s softness, smoothness and elasticity. Sometimes your moisturizing face cream isn’t enough. That’s where Hyaluron, the ultimate moisture-booster with its extra-strength dose of hyaluronic acid, can make a difference. You can expect to see marked improvement in your skin’s hydration within two hours of application. And we all know that one of the keys to youthful skin is maintaining optimal moisture content.

DELAYED ACTION REMEDIES Sometimes improvement takes longer as the conditions these concentrates were designed to treat develop over time and are therefore more intransigent. Dry skin, a chronic or occasional problem – exacerbated by dry or extremely cold weather conditions – can be effectively treated with Vitamin F Forte. Delivering a high concentration of high-grade Omega 6 fatty acids while you sleep, it produces remarkable results after only two to three weeks of use.

Not surprisingly, SWISSCODE pure’s collection of specific problem solvers contains remedies for the most dreaded signs of aging skin: wrinkles and age spots. These signs can creep up slowly, over time, or be triggered by over-exposure to the sun, as well as internal or external stress. In the case of wrinkles and fine lines, it’s Genistein to the rescue as this masterful collagen booster, named for the soybean-derived isoflavone that lies at its core, produces remarkably smoother skin in about a month’s time. Spots of discoloration, while primarily age-related, can also result from exposure to sun. Kiribirth is the master spot remover in SWISSCODE pure’s collection of concentrates. It owes its remarkable skin-lightening action to a unique marine alga, which not only diminishes the appearance of age spots within two weeks, but also alleviates inflammation and protects the skin against the damaging, aging influences of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.