Interview with Dr Bettina Rummelein

Dr Bettina Rummelein
In my practice, dermatological therapy, laser medicine and classical cosmetics are combined to aesthetic dermatology. Thanks to my career at the University hospital I stay on the cutting edge of technique and science. In my private clinic I can provide the pampering and relaxing atmosphere to make even invasive laser treatments enjoyable.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin

Hydration plays a central role. If our cutaneous test shows poor hydration, we achieve very good re-hydration with the SWISSCODE pure concentrations. These concentrates are complementary to all leading skincare brands, so that our patients do not necessarily have to change their cosmetic brand.

Boosting the skin through effective moisturising will help in the cell regeneration. This is essential after invasive laser procedures. Especially SWISSCODE pure Repair has to be highlighted as giving excellent results. We also found SWISSCODE pure repair to be very helpful when accompanying with classical topical treatments for inflammatory skin diseases like Rosacea and Eczema.

Well moisturized skin will be less red and itchy. You will feel better and look better.