Advanced meristem biotechnology empowers Swisscode Bionic

Meristem plant cells are a veritable laboratory of defensive and reparative substances. They comprise a naturally balanced “beauty cocktail” of phenylpropanoids, polysaccharides, phytosterols, amino acids and minerals that offer unparalleled protection against damaging environmental, physical and biological stress.This protective function translates to skincare applications, whose prime purpose is to guard the skin against harmful elements that rob it of its youthful vitality and to maximize its potential for age control.

The “cultivated” stem cells that go into Swisscode bionic concentrates provide outstanding antioxidant activity, as well as protection against UV rays, loss of moisture and collagen and inflammation, while encouraging optimal functioning and enabling the skin to feel comfortable protected, all day long.

The hows and whys of plant cells

Plants, unlike animals, are unable to escape sources of danger, and therefore have developed an innate defence mechanism to counteract environmental stress, such as UV radiation and wide variations in temperature and moisture.This protective capability is centred in the plant’s meristems, undifferentiated stem cells, which never undergo ageing and possess remarkable regenerative capabilities that enable them to give rise to specialized cells that facilitate plant growth.

Their superior protective powers guard the plant’s most vulnerable tissues, such as buds and roots, enabling them to withstand extreme external conditions to thrive and reproduce.

Skin beautifying interlude

Swisscode bionic serums are designed to be used in conjunction with Pure Concentrates for prolonging the transformational caring results or with your customary skincare regime – a highly beneficial intervention between cleansing and moisturizing.The cap of each elegant frosted-glass bottle is equipped with a handy dropper that makes it easy to measure out the two to three drops of crystal-clear serum, which is quickly absorbed by the skin, ready to unleash its unparalleled protective, restorative powers.

Swisscode Bionic

Following the international launch of Swisscode Pure, a collection of seven concentrates that “decode” and effectively correct, the skin’s ageing process, comes a new generation of ground-breaking skincare: Swisscode Bionic.This trio of powerful serums is based on the principles of bionics, the scientific transfer of optimal solutions from nature, which evolved over millennia, to manufactured end-uses. Bionic technology translates the evolutionary process through which flora and fauna developed defence mechanisms to sustain life into modern-day applications.

Swisscode bionic applies this cutting-edge technology to the real-life challenge of ageing skin.